The house favorite! Our sourdough is crafted from a pungent, twelve-year-old artisan starter. Also

available in whole wheat.


Country White



Crafted from white wheat flour, our country white loaves are the perfect combination of light and chewy. The ideal sandwich bread.


Whole Wheat


No longer will the noble whole wheat loaf receive as its only attribute the paltry description “nutritious.” Our whole wheat loaf is rustic and hearty, a crackling crust matched with a soft crumb interior that defies such a dubious honorarium.

Whole wheat loaves, rejoice!





Organic wheat berries, rye chops, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and oats from across New York State rolled into our most hearty loaf.




Sour and dense, with a sprinkling of caraway seeds, for the perfect NY deli sandwich. Just add pastrami.




A dense herbed loaf flavored with fennel, dill, and rosemary, giving off a rich aroma reminiscent of Thanksgiving. We love it for tuna sandwiches.



Pour the wine and set the table – our olive loaves are crafted with rich black Kalamata olives. This soft and airy crumb is best enjoyed as bruschetta or served alongside a mellow soup.


Autumn Harvest


A sweet, chewy loaf chock full of cranberries, raisins and pecans, sweetened with honey.




A kosher loaf, our challah is sweet, rich, and hand-braided. The soft crumb interior is lavishly golden, the crust crisped to perfection.


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A Variety of Baked Pockets

What's a pocket? It's a whole meal onto itself, a pot pie without the pan, great to devour on the on-the-go. We stuff a rice Italian dough with the best ingredients and bake to crispy, savory perfection. Pocket varieties vary throughout the season, but staples include feta & spinach, black bean, sweet potato & cheddar, broccoli, potato & cheddar, and sweet potato & smoked ham.



A Variety of Pastries

Perfect loaves and savory snacks are simply not enough for us! Pour a steaming cup of joe and let your morning begin with our sweet Parsian pastries: cherry cheese puffs, apple turnovers, lemon pastries, bread pudding and so much more.



Our rustic baguettes are hand-rolled, with a light, airy crumb on the inside and that perfect crispy crunch for the crust.




Get y’ bagels! Your old-school, New York bagels! Formed by hand, tender and chewy. Plain, sesame, poppy seed, everything and onion.

Get ‘em while they’re hot!




A staff favorite! Golden and puffy, our pretzels are hand-rolled before being boiled, baked and dusted with sea salt and butter. Savor every bite with a foamy beer or hearty ale.




An old Coney Island favorite, made the old

fashioned way, dotted with onions and sea salt.




Available during the summer with all

the seasonal goodness packed in.


Croissants & Chocolate Crossiants

Baked in the Parisian style, with real butter and real milk chocolate for the chocolate crossiants. Light and flakery to match the perfect cup of morning coffee.




Depending on the season, we bake cranberry orange, chocolate strawberry, very berry, cinnamon apple, ham and cheese, and more!




Apple crumble, blueberry, maple oatmeal,

and lemon crumb.



Brownies & Cookies

Chocolate, chocolate chip, orange cranberry and more.




Stuffed with freshly roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and peas, our pies measure 7” in diameter and are baked with a puff pastry crust.


Fried Pulled Pork Empanadas

Juicy, savory, dripping-down-your-chin good! Cinnamon, jalapenos, a dash of this, a hint of that. What? If we gave you the recipe, you'd simply make these delicious empanadas yourselves!



Fried Samosas

Bringing the taste of India to Beacon, NY. Potatoes, peas, ginger, and cumin.



Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Noodles, mushrooms, fresh cilantro and ginger, and Asian spices. A great farmer's market snack!



Fried Lamb Spring Rolls

How can we make our spring rolls better? Throw in some spiced lamb!

Chinese Dumplings & Steamed Buns

A New York bakery offering authentic dumplings? That's right! Fillings and dumplings are prepared and steamed onsite, soon to be available fresh at our farmers market stalls. Our steamed dumplings include chicken kimchi, vegetable kimchi, and pork scallion; our steamed buns are sweetened custard.

"The baked goods are true to their roots - whether it's a Parisian baguette, a classic NYC-style bagel or an ethnic empanada; these guys take their wares seriously."
-Yelp Reviewer

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